The BCCEC Founders Day Event 2011

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BCCEC Founders Day Event


Monday 16th May 2011 @ 8.00am


Chapter House, West Bromwich, B70 0AJ

Each year we mark the anniversary of the club's founding (April 2007) by undertaking a community project to which local construction companies contribute funds, labour, materials, etc. For those of you who feel "too small" to do this alone but would love to be able to publicise doing something in the community in your PQQ and Tender responses the Club's event provides you with just such an opportunity - last year around 20 companies, mainly Micro and Small SMEs did some fantastic home conversion work for a disabled lad in Walsall.

Our projects are always work which the organisation cannot afford to undertake and would otherwise not be realised - we do not compete with local construction companies who would get this work otherwise.

This year we are undertaking work for the Chapter House centre in West Bromwich which provide a Accommodation for vulnerable young adults aged 18 plus - Chapter House provides them with the stability of somewhere to live so that they can focus effort on gaining employment. The centre encourages involvement with the local community as well and part of our project will be to provide them with a multi-purpose workshop where they can hold joint training events with local residents.

There are 3 aspects to our community project which you may be able to help us with:

  1. A new multi-purpose workshop in the grounds (actually the relocation of an existing building from Birmingham)

  2. Decorating the administration offices

  3. Decorating some of the accommodation units (and showing residents how to do this for themselves so that they can finish the whole place themselves if there is enough material)

Phase 1 will be the preparation of the base for the workshop and internal decorations in the administration offices and accommodation units. Phase 2 will be dismantling the existing workshop, transporting it to West Bromwich, erecting it, connecting to electrical services and internal decoration.

If you want to support this project, or be part of doing it, we would like to hear from you as quickly as possible either by e mail to Al or Wayne [ &] or e mail Club officers at 

All this who participate or support the project will receive a certificate of involvement which can be used in your future marketing.

Click on the menu tabs above for more information on the project and the things we need to complete it.

EXISTING: Photos of the existing garden area

PROPOSED: 3D Visual of the proposed transformation

WORK IN PROGRESS: A photo diary of the work todate