The BCCEC Founders Day Event 2013



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BCCEC Founders Day Event


Monday 18th February 2013 @ 8.00am


St Peters Primary School

Each year we mark the anniversary of the club's founding (April 2007) by undertaking a community project to which local construction companies contribute funds, labour, materials, etc. For those of you who feel "too small" to do this alone but would love to be able to publicise doing something in the community in your PQQ and Tender responses the Club's event provides you with just such an opportunity - last year around 20 companies, mainly Micro and Small SMEs.

Our projects are always work which the organisation cannot afford to undertake and would otherwise not be realised - we do not compete with local construction companies who would get this work otherwise.

This year we are undertaking work for St Peters Primary school, Bloxwich.


Four academy students from Walsall Adult & Community College have gone back to school, so to speak, by taking part in a construction project at a Bloxwich primary school.

The caretaker building at the front of St Peter's Catholic Primary School in Lichfield Road is set to be transformed into a Learning Hub and will house the school's before and after school club, meeting rooms for special needs and Governors as well as a venue for youngsters to practice their gardening and cooking skills.

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