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Membership & Events Attendance


Our annual membership subscriptions run from 1st January to 31st December.

Our success of people attending events to date has been terrific – over 1950 people have attended our events since the club was founded in April 2007

The Club allows delegates two ways of contributing to the cost of running our events, as described below. This makes it easier for those who do not wish to gain membership benefits to simply chose which events they want to attend to suit their interests.
Membership or making a donation? You choose
There are two ways you can chose to cover the cost of attending Black Country Constructing Excellence Club events:
An Annual Membership Subscription (1st January to 31st December) for Club Members; or
“Make a Donation” to attend an event for Guests (non Members)

Annual Membership
Those wishing to have Annual Membership Subscriptions have a number of options available to suit all needs

  • INDIVIDUAL – entitling the named person to attend all events and costing £50 per annum
    MICRO SINGLE Corporate (1 to 5 employees) - entitling one named person to attend all events and costing £75 per annum
  • MICRO DOUBLE Corporate (1 to 5 employees) - entitling two employees to attend all events and costing £100 per annum
  • SME Corporate (6 to 249 employees) - entitling four employees to attend all events and costing £140 per annum
  • LARGE Corporate (250 employees or more) - entitling five employees to attend all events and costing £180 per annum

Any Member of the Club which has a Corporate grade membership will, in addition, be able to publicise themselves as an Associate Member of the national Constructing Excellence movement for as long as there membership remains paid and valid (Click Here for more information regarding Constructing Excellence)
Please note that annual membership subscription invoices to the preceding year’s Members will be issued in January as a matter of course unless you advise otherwise.
Making a Donation
The Club is a not for profit organisation which has to cover its operating costs from Member subscriptions and donations made by Guests at our events. Those attendees who do not purchase an Annual Membership Subscription will be expected to make a £10 donation to attend any event. The money will be collected either by prior payment or on entry to the event; in either case a receipt will be issued.
We trust that all who support the Club and attend its events will find this a fair method of covering the Club’s costs

Please ensure your Annual Membership Subscription invoice is settled promptly to avoid embarrassment upon entry to events, as those whose subscriptions have not been paid will be assumed to have opted for Making A Donation. Donations collected at the door before an annual subscription is paid will be reimbursed in the event of subsequent payment of an Annual Membership Subscription. If you wish to opt for the Annual Membership Subscription route but do not do so already please contact us and ask our Treasurer to invoice you

Contact our Treasurer Ian Priest here
Students & Unemployed
It is not the Club’s intention to disadvantage anyone in the Construction Community and for this reason we will most often waive any charges for entry to events for those who are full time construction industry related students or those that find themselves unemployed. If you are in one of these groups please note this when you register on-line to attend an event – the Officers dealing with bookings will confirm your free attendance place back to you


How To Join

Step 1
Fill in the online application form and submit the details

Step 2
  • Send our Treasurer a cheque with your full name and address details, plus e mail address, as entered in your online application; or
  • E mail the Treasurer requesting an invoice be issued to you – giving the full details of who the invoice is to be addressed to and where

Step 3
When your payment has cleared we will e mail you a receipt confirming your membership has been activated.

Please note that the Black Country Constructing Excellence Club is not registered for VAT.

Step 4
Click on Your Contact Details and enter all of the information you wish to provide for the members listing on the web site.


BCCEC membership application form

Name * required

Company name * required

Company address * required

Postcode * required

Telephone * required


Named member email address * required

Additional email addresses

Company web site address

Business sector (please select)

Information for the BCCEC directory
Please enter a short paragraph describing your company for entry into the BCCEC directory.


Any comments?

Type of membership



One named person.

Micro Single Corporate


One named person

Micro Double Corporate


Up to 2 delegates per event

SME Corporate


Up to 4 delegates per event

Large Corporate


Up to 5 delegates per event

Please note:
 All members will be placed on the BCCEC club update emailing list for instant updates on the latest events and opportunities. 

To avoid spam the Club has added this e mail validation system.  Please follow the instructions below when making your submission to the Club via the web site





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Club Benefits
  • Promote the industry, its companies and products.
  • Offer advice and guidance on best
    practice and opportunities in the region to its members.
  • Inform and influence relevant bodies about best practice and how they can engage with the local construction industry.
  • Create a community of interest for its members.